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McBride Quarter Horses

WELCOME to our website! We have been breeding horses for over 30 years. We got our start with rope horses and eventually  our program evolved from ropers to reiners.  We strive to breed elite reiners, but our horses do a little bit of everything.  We hope when looking through our website, you can see the passion, time and love we put into our program.  

We live in beautiful Eastern Washington where we get four true seasons.  Our foals are born inside under camera and are carefully watched and monitored their first few weeks of life.  We then turn them out in 20 acre pastures to be with the herd and socialize until weaning.  We feed quality local raised alfalfa and orchard grass hay as well as pasture grass.  Our goal is to give our customers foals that are healthy and well socialized to people and other horses. 

Drop by ANYTIME to see what we have available and to meet the stallions.

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23310 W. HIGHWAY 2


Call/Text 509 280 5960


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