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We have grouped our mares into two sections, elite mares and pedigree mares. Our foals are priced according to pedigree, performance records, conformation, dispositon, athletic ability and color.  Typically, a foal out of an elite mare will be in a higher price range because of the mares proven ability to perform or produce.


Our elite mares have all been shown and have a record or a produce record.   They must also have an excellent pedigree, being by or out of an outstanding perfomer or producer.  They must have

conformation that is well above average, and an easy disposition.  They must prove to be excellent mothers, easy breeders and get along well in a herd.  Color is a plus but most certainly not required. 


  We hope you can see that we have taken great care in the selection of these mares as well as our pedigree mares.


Our ultimate goal is to be good stewards of the breed and to better the breed with each and every foal.   

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